Welcome to metallography.com. Helping the world's metallographers for more than 25 years with detailed sample preparation and etching techniques and other metallography resources. ASM/IMS announce winners of the 2023 International Metallographic Contest. Consider entering their 2024 Contest. Be sure to check out the Engineering Resources from the folks at www.bestcolleges.com.

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Metallography.com is all about helping folks practice metallography. It has always been known for easy navigation. All the important metallography resources here are accessible by clicking on the subject grid shown above. If you're more comfortable searching for metallography information in a blog-style format, you'll find that starting next.

If you're having trouble metallographically preparing and etching a sample for microscopic examination, visit the Ask the Experts Metallography Forum Archives. The metallography archives contain over 10,000 documents in a keyword searchable database covering all sorts of metallographic sample preparation issues. Everything from mounting compounds to etchants is discussed. The questions were posted by visitors to metallography.com. The answers were provided by volunteers from the metallography field including some of the premier metallographers in the world. Type your question or alloy formula or material name in the search form and click search. The search will return a list of links to all the archived documents containing your keywords. Follow those links to read about how others resolved the same issue you're having.

Certain metallography questions arise more often than others. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page addresses 16 of those with specific information directly on the FAQ page, or with links to additional information elsewhere on metallography dot com, or with links to additional information off site. Here are just a few examples of topics covered on the FAQ page: metallographic preparation of Aluminum Alloys in general, metallographic preparation of Cast Iron Foundry Alloys, metallographic Tint Etching, metallography of Specialty Corrosion Resistant Alloys, general metallography Reference Books, mysterious EBSD Explained, locations of Metallography Courses.

If you're looking for metallography consumables or a new piece of metallography equipment, visit one of the advertisers above or the Metallographic Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Vendor Directory page.

Metallographers trying to select a metallographic imaging mode, perform digital image analysis, or understand microhardness testing will find metallography resources for those on the "AM&P" articles, and "Tech-Notes" articles pages.

If you're designing a new metallography lab or upgrading an existing one, be sure to read the article detailing the purpose, function, and design of a metallographic lab.

Did you know the International Metallographic Society and ASM International co-sponsor an International Metallographic Contest every year? They do. I was privileged to chair it for 10 years. The event takes place in conjunction with the International Materials, Applications & Technologies (IMAT) Conference & Exhibition at a different city each year. In 2024 it's in Cleveland, Ohio, September 30-October 3. You don't have to be a member of either organization to enter. The grand prize is a whopping $3000.00 and lots of prestige. Other awards include certificates or plaques and/or prize money ranging from $100.00 - $1000.00. The deadline for entries to the 2024 Contest is September 13, 2024. Check it out. For additional information about the contest, please visit the International Metallographic Contest information section of the International Metallographic Society website or email the current Contest Chair, ellen.m.rabenberg@nasa.gov. Here's a list of the winners dating back to 1997. If you follow the links on that page, you'll find pictures of the winning entries beginning with the 2016 Contest.

Enjoy your visit to metallography.com. Let me know if you have any questions.

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