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If you're involved with materials and their fabrication, their performance and behavior, their analysis and evaluation, or the equipment needed to conduct these studies, you should be a member of The International Metallographic Society, an affiliate society of ASM International. Of special interest to our members, too, are techniques for microstructural examination, analysis and evaluation including light, electron and acoustical microscopy; quantitative/ computer-aided microstructural analysis; metallography, ceramography and resinography; and allied sciences for physical and chemical analysis.

Among your fellow members, you'll find automotive and aerospace engineers; materials scientists from the nuclear, electronic, transportation and defense industries; university, national laboratory and technical college personnel; suppliers and manufacturers of laboratory equipment and related services; and a host of other scientists, consultants, teachers, students and technicians.

Industry Information At Your Fingertips.

IMS members may opt to receive Metallography Microstructure and Analysis, an international journal that's published six times annually and widely cited by the scientific community. IMS membership also brings you Slip Lines, the IMS e-newsletter, featuring a calendar of upcoming meetings, industry news, membership updates, metallurgical briefs, employment opportunities and more.

IMS Provides Opportunities For Growth.

The annual IMS Convention, North America's biggest materials characterization event, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from the experiences of others in your industry, gain valuable insights by sharing ideas, and broaden your network of contacts. Each year, the convention features a symposium with internationally renowned speakers presenting papers on the latest developments (with published proceedings available to you as an IMS member); a technical meeting, keynoted by a world authority, which provides a forum for the presentation of technical papers on a wide range of topics; and a commercial exposition featuring the latest advances in equipment for metallography, microscopy and chemical analysis.

IMS also offers members special notice on other events of interest throughout the year, including seminars, workshops and short courses. Through IMS events, you'll have many opportunities to gain experience with the latest equipment, learn and hone basic skills and techniques, and widen your repertoire of interpretive methods for microstructural and failure analysis.

IMS Member Recognition

IMS recognizes the technical achievements of members in a number of different ways:

The Sorby Award is presented annually in recognition of lifetime achievement in thc field of metallurgy. The recipients are acknowledged for 25 years or more of dedication to research, teaching or laboratory sales and service.

Best Paper Awards are presented for technical contributions to the literature. Two sponsored awards with cash prizes are presented annually: one each for papers published in Microstructural Science and Materials Characterization.

The President's Award is conferred annually by the IMS President in recognition of outstanding service to IMS.

The IMS Metallographic Contest and Exhibit draw the interest of metallographers around the world, as they compete for the prestigious $3,000 Jacquet-Lucas Award, jointly conferred by IMS and ASM International.

All The Benefits of ASM Membership, Too.

Because IMS is an Affiliate Society of ASM International, joint members receive the full benefits of ASM membership. As a member of the world's largest, most active materials society, you'll be able to link with thousands of people to share knowledge and expertise .. . and gain perspectives that span industries, job functions, materials classes and national boundaries. You'll also enjoy a membership subscription to Advanced Materials and Processes magazine; exclusive members-only savings on ASM reference and technical books,conference registrations and education programs; opportunities to share information and network through chapter meetings, Technical Divisions and committees, and other peer groups; and much more.

There's never been a more exciting time for individuals involved in the characterization and structure of materials. It's a great time to exchange knowledge, meet professionals with similar interests and issues, and get to know others in the exciting world of metallography and materials behavior.

How can you do it? Gain constant access to the technical information you need, the individuals you'd like to meet and the services that address your interests best? By joining the International Metallographic Society, an Affiliate Society of ASM International. is not affiliated with the IMS or ASM. International Metallographic Society information is presented here as a service to visitors at If you have questions regarding the IMS (an affiliate society of ASM International), please email Mary Anne Jerson, Administrator, Affiliate Programs for ASM. You might also like to read a brief history of the Society or visit the IMS website for additional information about the society.
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