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Metallographic Preparation and Etching Techniques

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The archives contain over 10,000 documents from years of questions and answers about all sorts of materialographic sample preparation issues. The questions were posted by visitors to metallography dot com. The answers were provided by volunteers from the materials field including some of the premier metallographers in the world. They based their answers on their own individual experiences.

The answers were the impressions of the respondent, so metallography dot com (it's webmaster, ISP, etc.) accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the suggestions nor any liability for damages resulting from their implementation.

For a simple etchant selection guide in the form of a table, download which was compiled by the folks at The Etchant Store. They sell pre-made etchants too.

You can also use the search engine below which searches this entire site (not just the Archives), but it will not accept element symbols such as Au, Fe, etc. . Please note this search is hosted off-site, and often the first few "matches" will direct you to related information on other websites.

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