Prof. Enrica Stagno

2003 Sorby Award Winner

Enrica Stagno


Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry

Genova University

Prof. Enrica Stagno of the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, Genova University, has been named the recipient of the IMS Henry Clifton Sorby Award, the society's highest honor. The Sorby Award is presented annually in recognition of lifetime achievement in the field of metallography.
The following article was posted at the request of it's author George Vander Voort.

Biography: Professor Enrica Stagno

Prof. Stagno began her academic career in 1953 as research assistant at the university, later becoming senior researcher, associate professor and full professor in metallurgy. From 1965 through 1971, she taught metal technology, and from 1966 through 2002, she taught metallurgy.

Starting in 1996, Prof. Stagno has been responsible for the programs in materials science and technology, featuring coursework in metallurgy, materials science and technology, and the Materials Chemistry Laboratory. She continues to lecture on topics of metallurgical interest for students of chemistry, industrial chemistry and materials science at the university. She is a lecturer for the Qualifying School on Materials Science and Technology, an interdisciplinary school affiliated with Genova University.

In 1966, Prof. Stagno participated to the creation of the International Atlas of Metallography (C.E.C.A.) De Ferri Metallografia. Since 1969, Prof. Stagno has been a member of the Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (AIM), and a member of the Thermal Treatments and Metallography Committees. She has been an invited lecturer for many AIM courses, including Heat Treatment of Steel, Steel Processing, and Metallography. Since 1980, she has also been a member of ASM International.

In the field of scientific activity, many national research programs have been conducted under the direction of Prof. Stagno. These programs were funded by the Ministry for Scientific Research, Genova University, the National Research Council (CNR), and by industry. The scientific activity related to many topics, ranging from background studies of the physical-structural aspects of ferrous and nonferrous alloys to the study of the correlation between metallurgical characteristics and properties for industrial applications.

Professor Stagno's research includes:

During her long career in academia, she has served as a research advisor for many top undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, chemistry, industrial chemistry and materials science. Prof. Stagno has also attained success in her family life as well, as her two sons have engineering degrees and have exhibited a creative flair for their work.

George F. Vander Voort
Chairman of the Sorby Award Committee

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